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In early 2019, we formed our team to collaborate on freelance projects. Driven by harnessing our experience and synergies for far-reaching projects, we started in2bit in spring 2021.

Driven by the desire to use our experience and synergies for influential projects, the company developed, which officially exists since spring 2021. Our work steps are transparent and traceable. In addition, due to our versatile and well-combined skills, we deliver modern designs and structured software for all systems.





Accompanies enterprise data from inception to meaningful analysis as a Data Scientist.
Team player who pays attention to detailed communication with clients and colleagues.





Efficient fullstack development of websites and apps. Always there when the need arises.
Perfectionist who approaches projects with precise and methodical planning.





Sustainable product development through standardized systems and process thinking.
Workaholic who loves challenges and tackles projects immediately.




High level software development and hardware composition - From passion to vocation.
Attention to sustainable development, licensing, and support for open source projects.


Patients App

A user-friendly app was developed to allow patients to book an appointment for an innovative measuring method for heart diagnoses. During the booking process, a suitable location and the date of the measurement can be selected.In addition, the patient can learn about the technology and view data from previously performed measurement results. Furthermore, to the use on the iOS or Android smartphone, the app is also applicable to tablets and computers.

Physician dashboard for app management

Each owner of a BMP magnetocardiograph can independently manage patient bookings made via the app or website. A dashboard is available to organize patient bookings. Furthermore, past bookings can be analyzed. The use of the dashboard is optimized for tablet and computer.

Physician software for patient acquisition

In order to be able to record and manage a large amount of patient data, an acquisition software was designed and developed. It was important that all relevant data could be captured at a glance. In addition, an ergonomic and intuitive menu navigation was implemented.

Physician software for patient analysis

After the patients have been tested with the magnetocardiograph, the medical staff can analyze the recorded data with the application. Afterwards, a medical report is written in the same program.



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